Hello! I’m Justin O’Brien

I’m an entrepreneur, brand strategist (currently working on a consultancy basis), business owner, defence marketing specialist and content producer who spends a lot of time thinking about how brands can be heard when no one is listening.

This site is intended as a place where I can (attempt) to illustrate what I’m up to and what is currently interesting me.

And a place to store my contact details!

Business + Brand Strategy

Business and brand strategy are closely linked and when considered together can deliver powerful results. By analysing your goals and objectives, existing marketing assets and even potential exit plans I can help transform your business, build meaningful and effective communications and drive future success.

Planning + Execution

I can help develop and execute a marketing plan that is focussed on effective engagement and the delivery of real growth. I have the knowledge and connections to provide marketing assets and collateral across the board at significantly reduced price points.

Consultancy + Availability

I can work for an hour, a day or on a regular part-time basis. And our first meeting won’t cost you a cent.

Strategy – the reason I get up in the morning

OK, in reality it is my two pre-school boys who REALLY get me up in the morning, but the point is that I love solving strategic challenges. I know how hard it is to be heard and I believe that brands need to be brave if they want their intended audience to take any notice of them.

A properly considered and executed strategy is the only guaranteed method of ensuring an acceptable return on investment.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

Red Adair

Content Production

Content is a fantastic way to grow your business – but it is very hard to get it right.

As brands have tripled the amount of content available, engagement has halved and continues to drop. The silver lining in all this is that people are continuing to engaging with high quality content that delivers for them (not the brands).

Defence Capability

Australian built defence capability is vital for the long term safety and economic prosperity of our country. The economic benefits will be felt most keenly in South Australia, where SME’s will fulfil a vital role in the delivery of the future subs and frigates.

With over 9 years’ experience in the sector, including a recent foray into the Space Industry, I enjoy working across brand strategy and content production in this very exciting sector.

The Ads I wish I’d Made

In 2017 I created a new series titled “The Ads I Wish I’d Made”. The series featured leading creative directors from around the country talking about the ads they wish they had made and why.

The series was distributed in partnership with B&T Magazine.

Thanks for stopping by!

I love meeting new people and hearing about new opportunities. So please hit me up for a coffee.

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